Science is amazing!

Nothing has helped humanity move ahead in our evolution than science. We are lucky to be able to say that we are the recipients of the most rigorously tested, precise and powerful medications.

Unfortunately, we are also the unwitting lab rats in the greatest experiment in all of history. Can the extensive use of powerful drugs with multiple and unpredictable side-effects actually bring about long-term positive outcomes?

So far the number three killer of patients in the USA is iatrogenic death - or death by medical treatment. These deaths are profoundly unreported or misreported. It is more likely that the standard model of care is the number one killer as well.

In this conversation, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about the realities of being a patient with chronic health problems in the 21st Century.

We are respectful of the modern system of health care but are also aware that most people who are treated with the pharma-Surgical Model will eventually need to be treated for the side effects or limited effects of their drugs.

What if we embrace a new model of care? If a person needs Pharma-Surgical intervention, thank God we have that available. Once that person is stable and ready to heal on a deeper level, they would be guided through a process of discovering what is at the root of their medical condition.

Evolutionary Medicine is becoming a hot topic in the world of fitness and nutrition. 

What did our early ancestor's lives look like? Was it scary or friendly? What did we do all day? 

Clearly, all of our ancestors knew what they were doing. Today, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about Evolutionary Medicine and the Four Worlds of most Indigenous cultures. Michael describes each World's way of living life together; the diet, cultural drives, lifespan, stress levels, and style of cooperation. 

If you have ever wanted to travel back through time and see how humanity came into being, sit back and enjoy the show!

Here it is!

Our fifth and final episode on the Do's and Don'ts of a healthy and happy brain. Staying with the theme of the seasons and your brain, in this episode Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about how summer time and celebration offer us all a fun, fit and positive relationship with keeping our brain running at top speed.


Your Brain, your life and the planet all need the rejuvenating and clarifying influence of Spring. That means getting more exercise, cleansing your whole body, eating a lot of brain healthy food like egg yolks, liver and healthy fats like butter and coconut oil. Regular deep sleep and a meditation practice would be beneficial to us all.

In Fusion Health Radio's fourth episode on improving your brain, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about some of the best choices you can make to revitalize your memory, focus and concentration. Enjoy and happy thinking!


Qi is a tricky concept to translate into English. To call Qi energy makes Qi a noun, which is easy for English speakers to understand, but can over simplify the depth of Chinese Medicine's understanding of health.

In today's episode, Anthony Sanna discusses Qi with Michael Smith, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts and Qi Gong expert. The conversation goes far and wide with many examples of how an understanding of Qi can help us all make some positive changes in our health, lifestyle and mindset. This is definitely one of the most passionate podcasts so far. Enjoy!

If you would like to contact Michael, his website is www.integrativehealthsolutions.ca

If you would like to contact Anthony, and expert in online marketing strategies, his website is www.anthonysanna.com


If you want to get the most out of your brain, you will have to give it a rest. And in today's busy, busy world, that can be a bit of a challenge.

In Episode 18 of Fusion Health radio, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about the challenges and some unique solutions to giving your brain a rest.


Most of take our brain and our brain's health for granted. It is natural to assume that, if we feel normal, everything is working just fine. This is especially true as we get older, because we all expect to lose some focus and memory as we age.

In this episode Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about assessing the health of each major lobe of the brain and the do's and don'ts of maintaining a healthy body and brain. This is the second in a series of five podcasts on Neurological health.

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Your mind can be a powerhouse, a prison or even a loony bin, depending on your health, age and lifestyle.

Given today's statistics on Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Cognitive Decline and, especially Alzheimer's Disease, none of us should be taking our Brains for granted.

In this episode, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about the basics of brain health. This is an introduction to a four part series on brain health and all of the practical and essential things you can do to keep your brain, your mind, your body and Spirit free from confusion, suffering or degeneration.


Being in a conscious relationship with all of people in your life is your birthright. Imagine what that would be like. Connection without insecurity or manipulation...

In the modern world we learn to be in relationship from the TV or from people who learned how to relate from TV. Sometimes that is good, lot's of shows are meant to educational and helpful and a lot more shows are people behaving in a dysfunctional way. Which can be funny as anything, but maybe not the best resource for conscious interaction.

In today's episode, Anthony Sanna talks with Dr. Michael Smith about Medicine Wheeling and healthy relationship. Medicine Wheeling is a spiritual practice or, as we say now, a life hack, that is like having a compass in your hand throughout you whole life. It is a source of teachings on how to life a good life and how to solve problems co-creatively with nature. Today, Michael shares a few Native teachings that can help you navigate your relationships more consciously and whole-heartedly.


Sometimes the best solutions for improving our health are not always obvious or comfortable. In this episode Anthony Sanna asks Dr. Michael Smith the hard to ask questions about therapeutic enemas.

As it turns out, one of the most effective choices for improving health asks you to take certain medicines at the end of your digestive system!

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