Relationships can be AMAZING! They can also be predictable and safe, and even stressful, exhausting, boring and dysfunctional. In this episode, Anthony Sanna talks with Dr. Michael Smith about a simple relationship hack. If being on a ship is all about the safety and predictability, then being in a canoe is all about spontaneity, passion, creativity and PRESENCE!


In this podcast Anthony Sanna interviews Dr. Michael Smith about the potential for Marijuana to be used as a medicine or as a drug. We explore how cannabis may have been essential to certain aspects of human evolution, how it can be taken and what makes it such a powerful medicine. We also discuss the possibility for Cannabis to become addictive.


The Gluten free industry is a 5 billion dollar a year business. Is this just a fast cash fad, or is this actually a real medical problem?

In this episode Anthony Sanna asks Dr. Michael Smith some hard questions about going Gluten Free. Is it a fad? Is it a fraud? Or, is it the smartest choice you can make for yourself and your family?


In the world of Integrative medicine, Adrenal Fatigue is the poster child for what ails the modern world. Our stressful lifestyles, terrifyingly unhealthy diet and constant stimulation makes us the most stressed population on record. Our reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, surgical procedures and medical disability insurance has made us the sickest society on earth. Sounds pretty stressful...

Every organ, gland and structure in your body is finite, which means it will wear out if you abuse it too often and too intensely. In this Episode Anthony Sanna interviews Dr. Michael Smith about Adrenal health.

Why do your adrenal glands burn out faster than the rest of you?

Or, is something else going on...?


What if your muscles actually function as an internal organ?  After all, your liver is an organ and does many amazing things for your health. So are your lungs, kidneys and skin - internal organs that keep you alive and work together to keep you in good health. In this episode Anthony Sanna asks Dr. Michael Smith about how to get the most out of your muscles.


At some point, almost everyone in the modern world will face the battle of the bulge. And, at some point, most people will try the newest fad diet. You know the drill, eat very little and exercise like a maniac. This has been going on for over 40 years and it will NEVER work. In this episode Anthony Sanna asks Dr. Michael Smith the hard questions about dieting, weight loss, fat loss and why dieting never works!


What if Human Beings are the descendants of scavenging primates that learned to swim?

A strange question for sure. This question, and the perspective it brings to light, offers a unique opportunity to people living today. Especially those who need to re-frame their lives in order to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

What if 80% of your opportunities to improve your health happen below the part of your mind that talks. What if simply focusing on the needs of a primate, or a pre-language primitive person could help you improve your health, your sleep and your relationships.

In this episode Anthony Sanna interviews Dr. Michael Smith about the five Primal needs of our species, which turn out to be the needs of all of our primitive and primate ancestors.

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Sometimes in life we find ourselves in situations that have high consequences. Getting into a fight is an obvious one, but so is chronic illness, obesity, depression, anxiety and insomnia. The list could go on. There are certain core principles in Martial Arts that have nothing to do with punching and kicking. These principles apply to any high consequence situation and prepare a person for the greatest challenges they may ever face in their lives. In this episode Anthony Sanna talks with Dr. Michael Smith about how these principles apply to facing chronic illness with courage, resolve and adaptability.. 


In this episode Anthony Sanna interviews Dr. Michael Smith about the 3 healthiest ways of eating on earth.

There are three distinct and potently healthy diets that have literally shaped us as a species. Before industrial society came into being, most of our ancestors were living as homesteaders. This way of eating was relatively nutrient dense, and was inherently self balancing with respect to the consumption of grains cooked in fat, dairy products and lacto-fermented foods.

Before the advent of agriculture, all of our ancestors were hunters, gatherers and/or scavengers. This "paleolithic" way of eating is profoundly nutrient dense and focuses on a diet of plants, protein and fat.

If you go back far enough into our evolutionary past, to discuss the diet of our early primate ancestors who were forced by severe Ice Ages to the ocean, near the equator, to subsist on a lot of fish, fowl, eggs, sea vegetables and plants. This profound change in diet and food gathering perfectly explains our evolution from primates to human beings.

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Part two:

Recovering from chronic illness can be very challenging and confusing. Modern medicine is going to do it's best to manage your condition, but is willing to admit that there is little that they can actually do to help you recover your birthright of abundant health. In this episode Anthony Sanna talks with Dr. Michael Smith about the 10 step process he uses to help his patients recover from complex chronic, degenerative and autoimmune diseases. This ten step protocol can also be used to resolve obesity, metabolic syndrome, depression, anxiety and insomnia. In part two of this podcast we cover steps six through ten.

6 - Strengthen Your Digestive System
7 - Rebuild Your Immune System
8 - Detoxify Your Liver
9 - Cleanse Your Elimination Organs
10 - Cleanse Your Trillions of Cells

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