How life works is either weird or kind of funny sometimes.

Take the erratic and unpredictable aspects of a person's mood or memory or sleep. What causes this randomness in a person? Is it stress, genetics or some scary psychiatric or neurological condition? Eeek!

Did you know that most of how you think and feel is up to the health of your gut?

What is your gut, you may ask? 

Your gut includes your stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, immune system and all of the micro-organisms that live in the 'tube' of your gut. As it turns out, your gut makes most of your neurotransmitters, balances your immune system, and clears your stress hormones.

In this episode of Fusion Health Radio, Anthony Sanna gets into the details with Michael Smith about all things gut health. Especially the deep and life changing experience that can happen when you actually take the time and change your habits long enough to heal your gut.


Mold is everywhere. It is literally in the air.

Given some moisture, a lack of direct light, and a moderate temperature and you have the recipe for that weird green or black stuff that grows pretty much anywhere.

Unlike the big fuzzy stuff that grows in the vegetable drawers of the very creative or very distracted, the mold that grows in the deeper, darker and wetter places is actually a very serious medical concern. Especially the black stuff that eats drywall and plywood. Yep, I mean the evil black mold.

Toxic mold syndrome is one of the hardest things to diagnose and treat that I have ever seen. It is profoundly misunderstood by both clinicians and patients.

In this episode, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about this surprisingly common and very terrifying condition.

And, as it turns out, the mold is only the beginning of the problem.

If you have any concern that toxic mold may be affecting your health, the health of a relative or the health of a patient, be sure to check it out.


Everyone has had at least one pimple or blemish on their face. 

In a culture that is a bit (or a lot) obsessed with physical appearance, acne is a game changer for some of us. How many physically beautiful people live deeply insecure lives because of a few zits.

Then there are those of us who have acne for most of our adult lives.

Then there are those with deep and painful cystic acne that can scar your face or back for life… not fun at all!

So, what is acne? Why do so many young people have it? Why do people with other complex conditions also get acne?

The standard answer is that acne is caused by dirty pores.

If it were that simple, why is the standard medical treatment is either antibiotics or oral contraceptive hormones?

In this episode of Fusion Health Radio, Anthony Sanna sits down with Michael Smith to explore this very question.

WARNING: This conversation gets a bit yucky folks, just saying!

Body memory is a funny thing. 
If you walk around in a cloud of hornets, expecting to be stung at any moment - you are basically having a panic attack. That is the body memory of anxiety. 
We have all heard the expression "butterflies in the stomach". That may be the most commonly experienced embodied state. 
Every extreme or chronic emotional state, injury or other cause of pain and every day of fatigue due to chronic illness is going to turn into the unique embodied state you create in reaction to any experience of overwhelm. We all do it every day...
Take a moment to reflect on that. And here is a question to help you reflect; "Are you aware of the volume of distress and discomfort you carry around in your posture and how you breathe?"
We all do this 'inner tension - outer persona' dance that can literally take over your body - your felt sense immediate and present sense of everything you feel as a body. 
It is not a coincidence that the most modernized nations are the most medicated nations.
In this episode, Anthony Sanna and Michael Smith talk about a revolutionary perspective on the treatment of insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, post-concussive syndrome, and a host of other deeply challenging chronic conditions. 
This revolutionary perspective is very simple. 'What if there was a way to completely reset the nervous system, or the Mind/Body connection?'
What happens is AMAZING!!!
The practice is called sensory deprivation... Yeah, that thing where people float in tanks of warm water...
no light...
no sound...
There is only one way to find out what happens... Get in touch with your local float talk facility.
Some of us, honestly, most of us hit a wall in life. 
It is a wall of past feelings and a fundamental unwillingness to move on and continue to pretend that all is well. 
It is at these times when your ability to relax deeply and sleep like a baby that determine your health and your future.
In this episode, Anthony Sanna continues a conversation with Michael Smith about the theory and practice of Neuro-Somatic Therapy. This practice can include regular bodywork or acupuncture sessions that focus on the layers of embodied distress that are the focus of NST. The practice can also be explored on your own, as a part of a Yoga class, or as part of a soak in a sensory deprivation tank. 
If you are looking for a whole new way to experience your body, your instincts, your past, and the nature of human life, check out this episode or Fusion Health Radio.
Stress, trauma, pain, exhaustion and chronic illness all get stored, or 'remembered' in your body. 
So do joy, elation, wonder and ease. The tricky part is to choose which state you feel and remember the most.
In this episode, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about just that. How do your day-to-day experiences and memories get stored in your body? Enter Neuro-Somatic Therapy; an evolutionary approach to the treatment of chronic pain, illness and exhaustion. Initially developed by Michael Smith, Neuro-Somatic Therapy (NST) is a hands-on approach to reducing the physical, emotional, somatic and biochemical 'memories' of the past.
NST turns about to be an unexpected but profound opportunity to decompress the way that the mind, heart, body and soul get stuck.
Check it out here...
Unless you are from another planet, you have probably heard that cholesterol causes heart disease. But... if you are into health and fitness, did you know that cholesterol is actually one of the most essential nutrients in human health?

This week Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about all things cholesterol and disease. In this episode, you will learn about cholesterol's many, many essential roles in human health, the actual cause of Cardiovascular disease and how to prevent it. Enjoy!


Cancer is a VERY scary word.

It is an even scarier diagnosis. 

As of 2016, the statistics are actually mind-bendingly terrifying. At present, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime.


In this conversation, Anthony Sanna talks with Dr. Michael Smith about what cancer is, how it happens and what to do about it. Throughout the podcast,  it becomes more and more clear that Cancer may actually be a Natural but extreme immune response. 

If you are concerned with this modern plague or know someone who has been diagnosed, please listen to this podcast or share with a friend in need. The standard model of treatment for Cancer is almost as dangerous as the disease itself, if not more so.

Listen and share, and as always, we would love to hear your comments and questions.


One of the most challenging experiences we all have is feeling stuck. 

Decisions seem impossible, creativity is a long lost friend and it seems like there is always too much to do.

At some point it gets so distracting, exhausting and oppressive that we have no choice but to make some changes. The hardest and most important decision is the first on that you actually commit to completely. 

In this conversation Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about getting unstuck. This conversation will challenge and encourage you to apply some practices and tools to stay present and committed to our goals. 


Life is full of surprises! Some good and some bad.

There is an old Daoist saying, "The only constant in the Universe is change."

Clearly, it is essential that we all get very good at changing directions in life. If changing directions doesn't make our lives better then we may need to take an even bigger risk and start from scratch. 

In this episode, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about starting over and rebuilding your life. Unlike our usual geek-out session on all things healthy, in this conversation we talk about how to face hard times with courage, patience, and compassion. 

Rebuilding your life may be just the adventure you need to really learn about who you really are.

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