Everyone has had at least one pimple or blemish on their face. 

In a culture that is a bit (or a lot) obsessed with physical appearance, acne is a game changer for some of us. How many physically beautiful people live deeply insecure lives because of a few zits.

Then there are those of us who have acne for most of our adult lives.

Then there are those with deep and painful cystic acne that can scar your face or back for life… not fun at all!

So, what is acne? Why do so many young people have it? Why do people with other complex conditions also get acne?

The standard answer is that acne is caused by dirty pores.

If it were that simple, why is the standard medical treatment is either antibiotics or oral contraceptive hormones?

In this episode of Fusion Health Radio, Anthony Sanna sits down with Michael Smith to explore this very question.

WARNING: This conversation gets a bit yucky folks, just saying!

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